The need to engage with the world

Today’s class highlight :
I like what emanuel said about being engaged with the world.
In YWAM we’re called to Know God and make him know.
We are also called to know God’s word and teach it.
And the third aspect of the triangle is to know God’s world.
The aim of this school is how to know God’s creation and how to engage with it.
Some Christians are infected with the idea that we’re not to engage with the world. and we are NOT to engage with the WORLD because everything we see in the world is bad.
Physical is bad, only the spiritual things are good.
We were called to know and understand the world where we live in.
The world that our God created.
We see the world as  fallen world and quoting 1 John 5:19
We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.
Therefore there is nothing in the world for us to be part of. to be engaging on.
I was challenged by Emmanuel’s teaching on how to ENGAGE.
WE must know the world so that we can ENGAGE with it.
Sometimes I see myself willing to escape the world and have nothing to do with it. We just want to live our lives in safety, without the need to ENGAGE and get our hands dirty.

Jesus said he would Build his church Upon a rock.

In Hawaii there are a few chuches Built in lava rock. This is the very first Christian church in Hawaii. The first missionaries arrived here in 1820. The church was Built On a land that belonged to the king. Since then the history of Christianity began in the islands of Hawaii. The ancient Hawaiians took stones from their old temples and erected this building that is still standing today to host the fellowship of believers in downtown Kailua Kona. 


My name is Ricardo Kiu Otake, i’m third generation japanese, born and raised in Brazil. My family immigrated from Japan to Brazil during the 1st and 2nd world war.

At that time, Brazil had opened their borders to receive immigrants. They came mostly from Italy, Germany and Japan. My grandparents were living in poor conditions in rural Japan and were looking for opportunities overseas. They chose to come to Brazil and there they established in the early 1930’s. Both my mom and dad came in the same Ship and probably they met each other during the trip that took 2 months from Japan to Brazil. THey arrived in a different land, completely different culture and a foreign language.

They manage to settle in the country side of Sao Paulo State where both my mom and dad were born, Paraguacu Paulista.

Their families innitially worked in cotton farms. Eventuallly some familiees began to move to larger cities and other towns to search for better conditions. A few years ago I had a chance to visit the town where my parents were born. The city is small and there are still some remnants of the Japanese colonization in that town.

My mother side came to Sao Paulo and evnetually they moved to Campos do JOrdao, fleeing from the harsh from the War.